If You Don't Have A SOL, You're A Ginger

If you know someone that's a ginger, please don't panic.  It's not too late to fud their project, call them a "ginger" in front of their friends and families and more importantly, get them to buy some SOL.  Yes, they can buy a SOL.  And best of all, once they get their SOL back... they'll also stop wearing COVID masks in their car, while driving alone.

illustration illustration
Michael Saylor

BTC Maxis

People like Michael Saylor are definitely "gingers." 


ETH Maxis

Besides looking like patient zero for the zombie apocolypse, Vitalik is also a ginger.



They think they are apes, but the red hair on their heads expose the real truth.


Gingers That Were Born In Asian Countries


Gingers That Can Spell Ethereum


Gingers That Got Herpes From M. Saylor


Gingers That Drank Bud Light Today

Evidence of Ginger Capitulation

Our investigative reporters have uncovered a video of a once important crypto influencer.

Contract Address:

TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,620,000,000



1.62 billion tokens will be put forth unto this world.  With gingers being 2% of the world's population, that's at least 162 million SOL-less people.  That means our total supply is only enough for each ginger to hold 10 tokens.

75% of the tokens are added to liquidity. 10% is reserved for a Ginger CEX listing (not SEX listing).  10% is reserved for Sparketing.  And the last 5% will be held to reward folks that help to "Spread The Red." #spreadthered


Elon Musk


In an apparant indirect jab at gingers all over the world, Elon recently said to them, "Go f--k yourself."

jake paul

Jake Paul


"I made a Vine with 50 Cent where I smashed two Solana Tokens together and a Ginger popped up."

ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran


"I've been saved by buying $1 million pounds worth of SOL. My next song will be a country song and I am now thinking about voting for Trump."

Marketing Strategies

We feel that targeting illegal aliens in the US is the way to go. 1-2% of them might be real gingers. 98% of them definitely do not own a SOL.  Our other strategy will be to capture Elon, genetically alter him to have red hair and then coerce him to buy SOL and dump DOGE. 

Our Trusted Advisors

Verified As Non-Gingers.  We even sent hair samples to the lab to make sure it wasn't dyed.